This page provides information on the way we ship your order, shipping prices, delivery times, and more. In case any information you are looking for is missing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Shipment within The Netherlands

We cannot ship to PO Box addresses.

Shiping costs

Within The Netherlands we ship through DHL. Prices depend on your order value and whether it is a mailbox delivery or package.

Shipment type Price
Package delivery €4,50
Mailbox delivery €2,25
Order value above €75,- Free shipping

Mailbox delivery

For orders that fit through the mailbox, the mailbox delivery rate applies. During checkout you can select mailbox delivery if you are confident your entire order fits in a mailbox. Note the following:
  • All products in your order must be of the type 'mailbox delivery' in order for this rate to apply.
  • The product detailpage shows whether the product is mailbox delivery. If this is not indicated the product does not apply for mailbox delivery, even if you yourself think it would fit. In case of doubt you can contact us upfront.
  • It is possible that our system offers you mailbox delivery while this is in fact not possible. This is because the system cannot not always determine how many mailbox delivery products together will still fit the mailbox. In this case your order is shipped as package delivery at the cost of mailbox delivery.

Frequently asked questions about shipping

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions on shipment. If you don't see you question, feel free to contact us.

International shipping

Rates outside The Netherlands

The rates for international shipping differ per country. Below you will find the rates for a few common destination countries. For other countries it is easy to determine shipping costs: Put you products in the shopping cart, go to checkout, fill in your address and you will see your shipping options and rates.

Country Package delivery Mailbox delivery Remarks
Belgium €4,95 €3,50 Free shipping at an order value above €75,-
Germany €5,95 Not available Free shipping at an order value of above €100,-
Other countries Differs per country Not available Depending on country and order value

Frquently asked questions on international shipping

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions on international shipping. In case you don't see your queston, feel free to contact us.