About us

Scrittura Elegante relives the era of classic writing utensils. Shop at us for fountain pens, ink, classic dip pens, quills, stationery paper, calligraphy, was seals, and a lot more.

In this digital age a handwritten letter is both beautiful and original. But also think of handwritten cards, thank you notes, our diary or travel journal, quality notebook for work or leasure of bullet journaling...all in a nostalgic atmosphere.

Scrittura Elegante is ondpart of the Belle Chambre group. The group runs the following websites:

Scrittura Elegante D'Alonzo
iDeal iDeal
Nostalgic classic writing utensils: fountain pens, quills, dip pens, wax seals, stationary paper, ink. Luxury leather products: leather journals, albums, wallets, purses, pen rolls, desk accessoires, and more.