Everything for classic writing and calligraphy

  • Leather journals
    Leather journals...
    Perfect as luxurious journal, diary,
    or as a travel journal.
    But also as an orginal gift.
  • Classic dip pens, quills, and glass pens
    Classic dip pens
    For those who love classical writing:
    A fountain pen, dip pen, quill,
    or glass pen...
  • Ink
    Ink for fountain pen, dip pen, quill, and calligraphy...
  • Paper stationary
    Paper stationary...
    In this era of email, whatsapp,
    and Facebook it looks oldfashioned,
    but what is more fun then to
    receive a handwritten letter or card?
    Well, maybe to send one...
  • Wax seals
    Wax seals
    Give your letters and gift wrapping a personal touch
    with our wax seals.
    Choose from different kind of letters and symbols
    and beautiful handles of wood or Murano glass.

Welcome to Scrittura Elegenate: Classic stationery

Scrittura Elegante is the webstore for nostalgic classic stationery and calligraphy products. We offer a wide range of quills, dip pens, ink, paper stationary, leather journals with handmade paper, calligraphy products, and lots more.

Our products are also very suitable for orginal gifts. A lot of products are beautiful sets in special gift packaging.

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